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    Disclaimer.  I in no way own DragonAge.  Bioware does.  This story is purely meant for enjoyment!  Making no money off of this!

Rated M or R for sexual scenes f/f and m/f and even f/f/m so if any of that bothers you, this is your chance to find something else to read.

When Isabela and Zevran try to find some sexy time together in Kirkwall they find themselves becoming teachers of their talents.

    Isabela smirked as she watched in the twilight shadows undetected.  Anders was approaching the Hawke family estate, haggard from a full day of healing at his clinic.  His world weary face changed completely when the door opened revealing Marian in her finery.  The mage smiled, blushing as he took her into his arms and they closed the door. The Rogue chuckled from her hiding place.  The elf wouldn't like this, not one bit.  She grinned like the a cat with a canary in its paws at the thought of what Fenris would say...or do.  Perhaps he would turn to her for comfort. She licked her lips at the thought, but for now...
    She got up silently, wishing she could somehow watch the fun happen in Hawke's room but she had a date with an old friend.  A deadly whisper in the night, the rogue pirate queen moved without a sound, making her way toward the wounded coast.  She avoided the usual crowd of miscreants hanging around waiting for a fight.  It wasn't as fun without the others around to fight them and make witty banter.  As much as she was an aloof loner, she had to admit that it was nice to have friends around to drink with, adventure and to look out for each other.
    Isabela made her way back to a certain cave chuckling quietly.  In one swift movement she had both daggers drawn.  She pressed herself against the cave wall, concentrating, listening for movement but all she could hear was her own shallow breathing.  Wait, she thought she could hear something.  The softest steps sinking into the sand, undetectable to some, but she was no ordinary human. She had been trained very carefully.  He on the other hand, was losing his touch.    She made her move, somersaulting forward and in the blink of a shadow bomb, coming up behind her target.
    "Someone's a little rusty..."  She cooed, holding her golden hilt dagger up against his throat.  "I've got you in a rather hard place don't you think?"  Isabela whispered seductively in his ear.
    He chuckled and answered back just as softly and seductively.  "I admit it you are making me rather hard Isabela...but..."  The nimble man shoved her up against the cave wall, breaking her hold then moving swiftly out of it.  In the dim torch light she grunted looking up at his tanned, tattooed face, his blonde hair glinting in the dancing flame.  "Perhaps it is you, who needs a lesson..."  he cooed, his thick Antivan accent seductive and teasing at the same time.  He drew his own daggers before she could blink.
    "Zevran, as smooth as ever."  Isabela chuckled as they circled each other, looking for points of weakness.  "I heard your footsteps Zev...getting careless now that the Crows are gone..."  She teased moving in and taking swipes at him which he dodged quickly, playfully.
    "Perhaps, your friend did put my mind at ease about them."  He shrugged but then smirked as she just narrowly avoided a trap he made, throwing her off balance a bit.  The elf assasin moved in and groped her ass, chuckling as she growled and swiped at him, cutting off a bit of his golden hair in the arc of her blade.
    "So you imply you let me into your trap is that it Zev?"  She spat to the side and came at him again, this time getting in close enough to give his manhood a squeeze through his leather armor.  "Well, I'm quite disappointed in your lack of faith in me."  She pouted which made him smile.
    "It was worth see that adorable pouty face."  He cooed pinning her up against the wall and pressing his dagger against her throat.  "Any last requests?"  he got incredibly close to her, resting his forehead against hers although he was slightly shorter.  "Perhaps one last spanking before I spill your beautiful blood all over the sand?"
    "Will you...send me to heaven one last time before I have to answer for my sins."  She asked softly, deep brown eyes flashing with fear as he chuckled.  
    "As you wish..."  the elf cooed, pressing his lips against hers.  She moaned, dropping her daggers to the ground, wrapping her arms around his lanky frame.  He moaned with her, tasting the lingering wine she had been drinking mixed with the melt of chocolate.  "You are a woman of fine tastes..."  he cooed when they broke for air.
    "I'm with you aren't I?  When I could be with anyone I choose."  She cooed, tickling under his chin, her enormous breasts pressing against his chest.  "There's a line at the Hanged Man you know...of fools writing me poetry, presenting me with gifts and thinking they will make me theirs..."
    Zevran chuckled and clucked his tongue.  "Flattery will not get you out of your predicament my dear."  he poked her cheek.  "Now...where were we...?"  He lowered his weapons to the ground and fondled her breasts, making her moan as he squeezed hard.  Isabela, smirked, pushing up against the wall and using the extra force to tackle him to the ground, grabbing her dropped dagger and pressing it against his throat.
    "Now I have YOU right where I want you...and I brought rope..."  She smirked, seeing him break character for a moment as his eyes lit up with anticipation.  Isabela reached into her cleavage and pulled out a long line of silken rope, tying his hands together above his head.  "Now...move."  she jerked him upward and pressed her blade against his back.  
    The elf smirked as he bowed, earning a kick to his ass from her.  "Where to my lady?  Although I am sure that I will come out on top of this situation, like I always do."  he said cheekily as she smirked.
    "You know I always love being on top Zev...preferably with whipped cream."  She licked her lips as Zevran led her to another chamber lit with more torches.  There was a bed there at least, not on the dirty ground, leftover when some of the mages had taken refuge there.  She shoved him onto it then turned him over, tying his arms above his head tightly to the bed posts.  
    "Tighter..."  he whispered as she nodded, both breaking character for a moment. Isabela looked to him and he nodded when they were tight enough but not so tight his wrists turned blue.  "So now my darling temptress...what shall you do to me?"  He cooed.  "Have mercy...I wasn't really going to kill you."  He said, giving her the puppy dog eyes.
    "Mercy?  Zevran I'm shocked!"  Isabela smirked, undoing his armor with ease as she had done many times before.  "You?  begging for your life?  Well I suppose it isn't beneath your dignity is it..."  she smirked as he whimpered.
    "My lady you wound me.  I'll have you know that I went through much pain and torture when I went through my initiation into the Antivan Crows.  "So I can imagine that no matter what torture you give me, I can overcome it easily enough."
    "Easily eh?"  She smirked, thinking of something new that would surprise him.  "Is that so?  Are you fully prepared to endure what you have coming to you then?"  She moaned, sliding off his armor and revealing his well muscled tanned chest.  
    "As cliche as it may your worst my dear."  he taunted her, moaning along with her as she slid on top of him, straddling him.  He still wore his leather pants but even through them she could feel his arousal.  
    She wanted very much to kiss him, run her hands through his golden hair and pull hard, wanting him as he lay there helpless to her, but that would come later.  Now, she would have a little fun with him.  "You say you've endured pain..."  she cooed, tilting his chin up to look at her as she knelt over and brushed her lips against his, chuckling when he tried to kiss her.  "But what about...a little fun?"  She let out a bit of a giggle and he raised his eyebrow in surprise.
    Isabela began stroking up his sides with her fingernails, lightly, sending shivers up his spine at her delicate touch.  This was...unexpected.  Usually it was either pain or straight up pleasure.  He winced when she let her fingers explore his body with those feathery light touches, brushing against a sensitive spot on his ribs.  "Tell me Zev...Do you happen to be...ticklish?"  she danced her fingers under his arms and smirked watching his reaction.
    This was new.  He bit his lip and his body began to shake as he looked up at her fearfully and grinned.  " you ask?"  He answered, trying to fight off this sensation that had never really been explored so helplessly with him before.  The elf grunted, trying to keep his cool but it was becoming increasingly difficult as her fingers began to wander.
    "Just wondering...if you have that sort of weakness..."  she cooed, smirking as she made her way toward his ribs.
    " shall dear..."  he grunted as she began massaging his ribs, digging in and wiggling hard, causing his body to buck and spasm before he lost his composure.  Zevran burst out laughing as she continued tickling like crazy, her fingers now dancing along his stomach.  He gasped for breath, now begging for real.  "Isabeahahahhahahahaahahahahahahaaalla!"  Zevran laughed tears coming down as he writhed underneath her.  "Stahahahahahahahahahahp pleehehehehehehehehease I'll do ANYTHING!"  he begged having never experienced this kind of torture before.
    "Anything?"  she stopped for the moment, laying across his body, elbows propped up against his chest.  She glowed in his defeat and couldn't resist taunting him with it even as he lay their gasping for breath.  "The great Zevran, the unbroken, the best of the crows...begs for the tickling to stop..."  she smirked, her fingers dancing along his hips and moving downwards, making him twist and arch upwards.
    "You are truly evil..."  he panted but smirked, his arousal even more evident now as she began stroking him through his pants.  He moaned as she kissed along his stomach, her tongue teasing his bellybutton.
    "You've no idea..."  she said seductively, undoing his pants and sliding them down to reveal his erection.  A small gasp that didn't belong to him or herself made the pirate queen frown.  She drew her daggers and melted into the shadows.  Zevran heard it too and narrowed his eyes, though looked a little on edge, being a bit helpless at the moment.  At least his legs weren't tied.
    Isabela saw movement in the flickering light and heard footsteps as someone tried to retreat.  She scoffed.  This person, whoever it was, was amateur at best and wouldn't get away.  She threw her dagger at the figure hitting just in front of them, barely  missing their nose.  She heard a familiar shriek and the smaller person fell to the ground, a wooden staff cluttering to the floor.  "Please don't be angry!  I'm so sorry!  I didn't mean to watch please!"
    The pirate queen's eyes widened as she picked up a torch and shined the light over as she breathed a sigh of relief.  "Kitten!"  She exclaimed helping Merril up from the ground and dusting her off.  "What in the world are you doing here?  I almost killed you you know!"  Isabela looked sternly at the smaller girl, hands on her hips.  "You could have lost your nose!"
    "Oh that would be horrible!"  Merril put a hand over her nose, her innocent doe eyes wide at the thought.  "How would I smell things Isabela?  Would my other senses get better?  Would...would Hawke still like me?  Would I be...cast out?"  she looked distraught as Isabela sighed.
    "Calm down didn't happen so you needn't worry about all that...but do answer the question love...why are you here interrupting my fun?"  Isabela softened, a bit amused by the Merril's questions.
    The elf girl blushed and twiddled her thumbs, looking uncomfortable.  "I saw you leaving Hawk's manor earlier and wanted to see if you wanted to play cards at the Hanged Man...Varric's been helping me practice."  She explained.  "I lost track of you for a bit but tracked you here.  I heard a fight going on and I wanted to help but I saw you drag that handsome elf away on your own."  She blushed a little.  "I...wanted to see what you would do with him.  I kept really quiet but when I"  Her face was fully beet red now.  "I couldn't help myself...I've never seen one before."
    Isabela tilted her head to the side and broke into a laugh, a hand covering her face.  "Is that all?"  she laughed as the younger girl looked even more embarrassed.  "Hasn't anyone from your clan ever...ever given you the talk love?"  She asked.
    "Talk?  about what Isabela?"  Merril asked innocently and looked frustrated and about to leave when she was met with more laughter.  
    "About sex Kitten!  About how it works and what to do and how to dominate your partner and always end up on top?"  she asked as Merril looked downward.
    "No...can...can you teach me?"  Merril inquired, looking to Isabela with her adorable doe eyes.  "You are the best at it aren't you?  So many scandalous must be able to show me how to do it properly!"  
    Isabela looked a little embarrassed herself for a moment, rubbing the back of her neck.  She had always thought of Merril as being her adoring little sister.  Cute in her admiration, but with misguided intention.  "Do you really want that Kitten?"  She asked as the other nodded with determination.  "I suppose we could ask Zevran...though he's not in any position to say no at the moment..."  she grinned, leading the girl back to the cave.  "I caught our voyeur." she grinned as Merril came forward embarrassed.  "This is Merril, she wants to learn sex from the best."
    "I'm really sorry."  she bowed as Zevran chuckled.
    "Well, you have come to the right place if you wish to learn the art of lovemaking."  he cooed, his own erection still evident.  "Isabela and I have made love many times to each other and to others.  We are love experts you might say."
    Isabela rolled her eyes but grinned as she undid his ropes.  "That ego will crush you someday."  she said as he rubbed his wrists and smirked.
    "But not today my dear."  he cooed, wrapping his arms around her from behind.  She smiled, leaning into his touches as he began to kiss along her neck.  
    Merril watched with interest, blushing a bit.  "Better take a seat love and watch."  Isabela said, watching as the elf mage nodded, moving to old chair and looking on as the couple kissed with increasing passion.  Isabela looked up a few times and grinned, seeing Merril look on in wonder and even seemed to be a bit aroused at the sight.  She gasped particularly loudly when Zevran slipped Isabela's white dress over her head and fully glimpsed the queens tanned and toned body.  
    Zevran sat down and Isabela placed her boot on his lap.  He slowly slid it off of her leg.  He gave her foot a quick tickle for revenge and watched as her giggles turned to moans.  Zevran kissed up her leg till he came to her black panties, taking them into his mouth and sliding them down with his teeth.  She smirked as Merril got a full view of her womanhood, Zevran lifting her up and placing her down on the bed.  "I've brought you a little something Isabela..."  Zevran reached into his satchel near the beg and brought out some chocolate fudge.  He teased her lips with it and watched her lick them.  The elven assasin then circled her nipples with it, taking one into his mouth and suckling, tasting the delicious chocolate and moaning.  He switched to the other and began grinding against her.  Her nipples hardened to his touch, her hands moving and gripping his back, nails digging in.  She moaned and arched her back, getting wetter by the moment.                  
    "Zevran..."  she whispered, moving to bite his ear and suckle on the lobe.  She scratched her nails down his scared back and drew a bit of blood.
    He gasped, an elves ears being so sensitive.  Zevran felt pleasured by the pain and shuddered.  Isabela used this opportunity to flip him over so that she ended up on top, kissing down his stomach and taking his erect cock into her mouth.  She suckled, moving up and down, her tongue teasing expertly.  She teased the large vein, pressing her tongue against it.  She tickled the very sensitive tip with her tongue and took him as far back into her mouth as she could.  
    The elf assasin moaned arching upward deeper and deeper inside of her mouth, getting closer and closer.  He didn't want to cum prematurely, so slid out of her and pulled her on top of him, sliding easily inside of her.
    Her wetness coated him and made for the perfect lubricant.  She smirked, loving being on top.  Isabela wrapped her legs round him and he followed, becoming one as they fell in familiar perfect sync.  He gripped her breasts, squeezing hard, moaning with her as she tightened her grip on his shoulders.  "Zevran..."  she snarled, the pleasure coursing through her.  Her eyes went wild with passion as she kissed him again and again.  She hadn't had sex like this in so long, it felt incredible.  Not that she would ever admit that to him.   Isabela felt herself going over the edge and cried out, gripping him as she came again and again.  He rode her through orgasm after orgasm till she could take no more and pulled out, cumming to the side himself.  
    She moaned as he cleaned himself off but pouted when he took out a book and made a note.  "That puts me in the lead Isabela."  he cooed tickling under her chin, amused at her expression.
    "Just you wait..."  she started to say then glanced over at Merril who, without even knowing it had begun touching herself in response to witnessing their act.  
    Zevran followed her gaze and smirked.  "Did you enjoy what you saw little one?"  he asked as she squeaked a bit at being caught and nodded.
    " amazing...almost like a dance..."  she said as Isabela chuckled.
    "Zevran and I have been at this for years love.  Most of the time it isn't as easy as it looks."  she said and Zev had to chuckle as well.  "Especially for your first time love...things might get awkward and always hurts the first time."  she warned, frowning as she remembered her first time from her arranged marriage.
    "But didn't you tell me that it doesn't hurt with another woman unless you want it to?"  Merril asked, shifting in her seat.
    Isabela raised an eyebrow.  "I did but I didn't know you played for that team Kitten.  You enjoy the company of ladies do you?"  she smiled, going over a bit wobbly to pat the others head, still naked.
    Merril blushed and laid her hand against Isabelas.  "I enjoy...your company."  She smiled softly, her eyes wandering to Isabela's body, her breath becoming shorter.
    Isabela was taken aback by that as she looked at the other.  "You do?"  she asked as Merril nodded, blushing even more.  "Kitten I...had no idea you felt that way."  she said truly.
    "It was always a fantasy...that you would be my first."  Merril admitted, twiddling her thumbs, afraid of how Isabela might react.  "But I suppose it was silly of me to think so.  Someone so wonderful as you, adventurous, smart and beautiful...liking someone like me."  she hung her head and looking away.
    Isabela lifted the girls chin up with her fingertips and made her look up at her.  "Kitten you must understand...this...what your feeling...I can't give my heart to anyone.  I decided that long ago."  She said sadly.  "So what I do...I do for fun, thrills, nothing more nothing less."  the pirate queen explained.  "I can't give you what you want but...someday I know, someone will love you and give you everything."  she smiled as Merril looked like she were about to cry.  "You...deserve better than me love..." Isabela pulled Merril into a hug and held the girl.  
    Suddenly, she found herself being pinned up against the wall, the other girls face inches away from hers.  "But I want you..."  The girl said a look of pained love on her lovely features.  She pressed her lips boldly against Isabela's.  Isabela looked completely taken off guard and looked over at Zevran who seemed amused and entertained, shrugging at her.  She returned the kiss however and looked up as Merril broke away, tears in her eyes.  "Just give me this one night.  This one dream come true..."  she begged, taking Isabela's hands in hers.  "Please..."  
    Isabela wrapped her arms around the other's waist.  "If this is what you truly want Kitten..."  The elf mage nodded eagerly.
    "May I be permitted to watch...and perhaps join in?  This could be very interesting..."  Zevran smiled.  "Though if this is just between the two of you, I will take the hint."  He chuckled.
    Merril blushed.  "I want...Isabela to be first but..."  she trailed off looking lustfully at Zevran's muscular form.
    "Ah so you do like men and women both."  Isabella teased, scooping the girl up in her arms and cradling her thin frame bridal style.  "Don't worry Kitten, it'll feel incredible.  I promise."  she winked and laid the girl down on the bed gently.  She kissed the girls lips, gently sliding off her bits of fur and cloth armor.  
    Merril shuddered, covering her tinier pert breasts in embarrassment.  " cold..."  she and shivered when Isabela ran her fingertips along her hips up to her sides.  Merril let out a moan as Isabela began kissing her stomach, giggling a little.  "hehehehe...That tickles..."  she said, her hands leaving her breasts to protect her stomach and gasping as Isabela licked a nip.  Immediately both her nipples perked.  Isabela took one into her mouth and suckled, gesturing for Zev to join her and take the other into his mouth.  Expertly, their tongues teased the elf girl's nipples, making her writhe and moan with double pleasure.  Merril gripped the bed, eyes wide with a mix of pleasure and surprise.  "Ah...I never...thought it could...feel so good..."  she moaned arching upwards on the bed.  
    "It gets better love..."  Isabela took one side of Merril's neck and Zevran took the other, kissing along it gently, taking her earlobes and suckling, driving her crazy they were so sensitive.  She moaned but was silenced as Isabela kissed her passionately, running her fingers through the others hair.  Merril wrapped her arms round Isabella's neck.  "There's more?"  she asked innocently as Zevran chuckled.
    "Yes little one, so much more.  This is what we call...foreplay."  he said as Isabella nodded.
    "We need to get you nice and warmed up and wet love..."  Isabela whispered seductively, gripping Merril's ass, squeezing and massaging it, then smirking and pinching it, making Merril squeal a bit.  Her own hands wandered to Isabela's breasts, squeezing them in her hands and watching as the human moaned, nipples hardening a bit.
    "So that's how it works...they get hard when you feel good..."  Merril panted as Isabela nodded, Zevran moving to her and suckling one of Isabela's nips, motioning for Merril to join him as he had done before.  Merril blushed as Isabela laid back and allowed her access to her much bigger breasts.  Merril lay down on top of her and began licking her nipple, awkwardly taking it into her mouth and swirling her tongue around.
    "That's it love...a little slow at first, then a bit faster..."  Isabela  moaned getting aroused all over again and loving the feeling of two mouths on her breasts.  She and Zev had engaged in threesomes before back in Ferelden, but it had been a long time.  Isabela found herself reaching up to stroke and caress Merrill's thighs.  
    Merril shuddered, barely able to keep up suckling, especially as Isabela's hands stroked higher and higher to where she was more sensitive.  "Ah...ah...Isabella..."  Merril gasped as the other began stroking along her slit gently.  " sensitive there..."  Zevran smiled laying her back down, massaging the girls breasts tenderly as Isabella kissed along her thighs.
    "Are you ready love?"  She cooed, tickling along her inner thighs.  
    The girl shivered, giggling a bit as she nodded.  "Yes...Please..."
    " up..."  Isabela cooed, teasing along the girls thighs.  Merril nodded, nervous but obeyed, opening up her legs wide.  Her throbbing bud was visible and so was her wetness.  Isabela licked her lips as Zevran nodded approvingly, watching the act and  feeling his own arousal happening.  The pirate queen took a long, slow, torturous lick along the girls slit, watching and grinning as Merril gasped, panting heavily with pleasure as Zevran played with her nipples.  The pleasure was overwhelming and she was sure that she would burst from it.  Then Isabela's tongue slid inside of her.  Merril cried out as that tongue tasted her, tickled her and reached her clit to tease her.  She felt like her whole body was on fire with desire.  Isabela flicked her tongue back and forth against Merril's throbbing bud a finger joining to massaging it.
    "Isabela!"  Merril cried out head shaking back and forth, Zevran pressing his lips against Merril's to silence her.  Isabela slid her tongue inside of her, probing deeper and deeper, teasing the girls hymen, her thumb massaging the others clit.  Merril's lithe body arched upward, eyes rolling to the back of her head as Isabela tortured her.  It wasn't long before she came and it felt like something exploded inside.  She gasped for air as Zevran released her and watched as Isabela triggered orgasm after orgasm inside of her.  Finally, Isabela slid out of her, gently lapping up Merril's wetness to clean her, watching as the girl shuddered and lay still.
    Isabela wiped her face with her arm and smirked, kissing the girl and curling around her protectively on one side, then Zev on the other looking at her fondly.  "And was it everything you'd dreamed love?"  she smiled stroking Merril's hair as the smaller elf curled into her sighing happily.
    " felt so wonder you do it so much."  She smiled, nuzzling Isabela.  "It feels so good...why do you do it with men if it hurts?"  Merril asked softly, wincing as she glanced at Zevran, hoping she hadn't offended him.
    Zevran chuckled.  "Sometimes pain can feel good little one.  And once the wall is breached a few feels incredible."  he explained.  "To have one's manhood inside."  he said meaning both for himself and for when he was with a woman.  "There are plenty of ways lovemaking can be made more interesting."
    "Will you show me them all?"  Merril asked eagerly, ears perking up as Isabela laughed.
    "Well love...if you like we can be something called...friends with benefits and I can show you everything."  She said and explained further when Merril looked confused.  "It is what Zevran and I are.  We are friends who make love sometimes, make each other feel good but we are not in love.  We live our lives and seek our fortunes and pleasures wherever we can find them but are not tied down."
    "...If that means I get to spend more time with you."  Merril snuggled further into Isabela and smiled.
    "Till you meet someone worthy of you."  Isabela chuckled and pulled the blankets around her little friend.  She waited till Merril was asleep and turned back to Zevran.  "I'll have to make sure they are really worthy of her."  She smiled.  "They will have to earn my approval."  she chuckled picking up her daggers thoughtfully.  She carefully got up out of bed and sauntered over to him, ready for their round 2.
    "I'm sure you will Isabela.  You seem quite fond of her no?"  He asked stroking along her cheek and leaning over to kiss along her neck, hands moving to her round firm ass.
    Isabela nodded, moaning once more as they tangled together, trying to make the most of their night before Zevran had to leave once more for adventures unknown. "More than you know Zev."  She whispered, claiming his lips for her own.  "More than you know."

A Rogue Affair
Isabela and Zevran are old time lovers who reunite in Kirkwall and just want some sexy times.  What happens when a third person enters the mix?  Even more sexy times!


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Getting soooo excited for Connecticon 2013!  I'll be debuting a couple new costumes there as well as possibly some old ones!  I'll be cosplaying as Zatanna from D.C. comics on Friday.  My steampunk Lady in Red cosplay on Saturday, along with my nyan cat cosplay if it gets too hot for steampunk!  And on Sunday Rainbow Dash from My little pony friendship is magic!  Speaking of ponies, check out this journal whitedove-creations.deviantart… and the wonderful plushies Whitedove creations makes!  Going to be attending the pony photoshoot on Sunday as well as the Steampunk one on Saturday and the D.C. comics one on Friday!  I'll be sure to take plenty of pictures and maybe post some on here :)

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Hey, my dear~ Undertaker (Stalks) [V2] 
Thank you for the :+fav:'s on my Undertakers~ 5 seconds hug 
Nice to meet an other Fan of the Legendary~
Have a wonderful day~ Foxy Wave 
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Very big fan of him, with or without the bangs :)  I'll have to try to do some more drawings of him as well.  Cudos to you and I love the avatars you have of him!  Especially the one of him dancing!
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Hi :)
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hey there :)
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So how ticklish is this fairy?
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I don't rp if that's where this is going, sorry.
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